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A Guide to Aircon Brackets in Singapore: Exploring Different Designs

Living in a tropical country like Singapore, air conditioning is essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. As many Singaporeans rely on air conditioners to beat the heat, it's crucial to ensure the proper installation and support of these cooling units. This is where aircon brackets come into play. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of aircon brackets in Singapore and delve into the different designs available in the market.

Importance of Aircon Brackets:

Aircon brackets serve as crucial support systems for air conditioning units, ensuring their stability and safety. They are designed to hold the weight of the aircon unit and secure it to the wall, preventing any potential hazards or accidents. Proper installation using a sturdy bracket can help avoid structural damage, such as cracks in walls, and also maximize the efficiency of the air conditioner by maintaining its balance.

Different Designs of Aircon Brackets:

12 different aircon brackets design in Singapore
Aircon brackets design in Singapore


1. L-shaped Brackets:

L-shaped brackets, or commonly known as 'Normal L brackets', are the most common and widely used type of aircon bracket. They consist of two arms forming an "L" shape, with one arm attached to the wall and the other supporting the aircon unit. These brackets are versatile and can be adjusted to accommodate different air conditioner sizes. L-shaped brackets offer a reliable and sturdy support system for various wall types.

2. Triangle Brackets:

Triangle brackets, as the name suggests, have a triangular design. These brackets offer excellent stability and can withstand heavier aircon units. They are known for their durability and are often recommended for large air conditioning systems or commercial applications. Triangle brackets distribute the weight of the aircon unit evenly, ensuring long-term support.

3. Ceiling Suspended Brackets:

Ceiling suspended brackets, or 'Long H brackets' are designed to hang air conditioning units from the ceiling instead of mounting them on the wall. This design is useful in situations where wall space is limited or when there is a need for flexibility in unit placement. Ceiling suspended brackets are commonly used in commercial settings, such as offices and shops, where centralized air conditioning systems are prevalent.

4. Adjustable Brackets:

Adjustable brackets provide the flexibility to accommodate various air conditioner sizes. These brackets typically have extendable arms that can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the aircon unit. This design allows for easy installation and future relocation of the air conditioner if needed. Adjustable brackets are suitable for residential settings where air conditioner replacements or upgrades are common.

Other commonly known designs that Best Air-Conditioning and Materials Supplies Pte Ltd produce in-house and carry:

  • Long L brackets

  • Normal L adjustable / Normal L flexible brackets

  • Normal L 2-leg adjustable brackets

  • Normal L punch through

  • Opening brackets

  • Table top (T Top) brackets

  • Window brackets

  • Normal 7 brackets

We also make and customise special measurements that clients need. Call us at +65 483 1955, WhatsApp at +65 8843 4547, or email at to enquire for price quotation and availability of your desired aircon brackets.


When it comes to air conditioning installations in Singapore, the choice of a suitable aircon bracket is crucial. Opting for the right bracket design ensures the stability, safety, and optimal performance of your air conditioner. Whether you go for the traditional L-shaped brackets, sturdy triangle brackets, ceiling suspended brackets, or versatile adjustable brackets, make sure to consider the specific requirements of your aircon unit and seek professional guidance if needed. A properly installed aircon bracket will provide peace of mind, ensuring your cooling system functions efficiently for years to come.

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