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Aeroduct® Insulated and Uninsulated Flexible Ducts

  • Aeroduct® Uninsulated & Insulated Flexible Ducts 

    • Tough, flexible and low weight duct which is extensively employed in ventilation and air conditioning structures for residential, commercial and industrial applications
    • Great efficiency when installed correctly
    • Perfect option for all air ventilation systems including homes, hotels, offices and commercial buildings.
    • Suitable for connecting supply air outlets to rigid ductwork
    • Aeroduct® flexible ducts are UL 181 classified
    • Available in insulated and un-insulated models
    • Gives high degree of flexibility, permits us to easily connect in any preferred position
    • Save costs compared to fitted and fabricated ducts that are highly difficult and costly to install


    To enquire:

    Call: +65 6483 1955

    • Economical solution to connecting equipment in air conditioning and ventilation systems, across a broad spectrum of applications such as residential, commercial and industrial projects.
    • Flexible construction renders ease of installation in areas where rigid ducts cannot be fixed.
    • Ideal for use in low to medium pressure ductwork systems.
    • Options for insulated and un-insulated models.
    • Tear and puncture resistant construction Customized lengths are available on request. All Aeroduct® Flexible Ducts are designed to meet NFPA 90A and NFPA 90B Standards.
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