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Aerofoam® NBR Clad Sheets and Rolls

  • Aerofoam® NBR Clad sheets and rolls 

    • Closed-cell structure, non-porous
    • Economical and effective solution to aluminum and stainless steel cladding
    • Flexible elastomeric foam is coated with a durable composite thick foil
    • Reduces the intensity of labor in comparison to aluminum or stainless steel cladding
    • Light-weight (0.34 Kg/m2)
    • Durable
    • Aesthetical look
    • Safe and easy to use (PVC jacketing – no safety equipment required)
    • Cutting down storage space - jackets can be cut on-site without waste (on a cutting table)
    • Installation don’t require special tools or skills, fast installation (50% faster than aluminum cladding)
    • Dimensional stability
    • Offers high thermal efficiency as well as protection from imminent condensation problems
    • Good sound absorption



    • Indoor and outdoor services
    • Outdoor pipes including fittings
    • Outdoor air ducts
    • Tanks and reservoirs


    To enquire:

    Call: +65 6483 1955

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