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AeroSound ® Acoustic Floor Underlay

    • An acoustic insulation solution for various applications like bringing more acoustic comfort, designed to avoid structural noise such as noise caused due to walking, jumping, bouncing or pulling
    • AeroSound® SF (Silent Floor) underlay: cross linked closed cell polyolefin foam
    • ESF: flexible Elastomeric Rubber Foam with medium density underlay for all floating floor applications
    • AeroSound® SF and ESF underlay is designed to reduce the impact of sound in floating floor systems
    • To be used in both commercial and residential buildings such as apartments, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities to reduce the sound transmission level to lower levels
    • Usual application is to separate concrete base floor from final screed or screed from final finishing that is used in corners (between wall and floor) for the same purpose
    • AeroSound® Recycled Rubber Acoustic Floor Underlay (RSF) is designed to reduce impact sound in flooring systems and to increase the acoustic comfort
    • Made of recycled rubber particles, the rubber structure provides high acoustic, and mechanical performance


    To enquire:

    Call: +65 6483 1955

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